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We recreate retro moments so you can relive all the great times growing up! We carefully build your Pause Box and hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them! 

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If we are able to achieve Twitch Partnership (Which we require 75+ average viewers for 30-60 days) We will be hosting a Nintendo Switch giveaway as well as giving away some Pause Boxes!

Awesome Reviews from our amazing customers!

Man these pause box's are way to cool, I just purchased the Zelda one for a close friend who absolutely loved it, I will soon have a few for myself as well. If you're a nerd/manchild like me this is something right up your alley. Or even just and great gift for the gamers in your life. Hands down one of the coolest things I've spent money on this year and its collectable, how can you beat that. Would 10/10 recommend this item to anyone thinking about grabbing one, I was very impressed by the one I purchased.

Dan Gyuricza

If you want quality and joy mixed with hella old memories and nothing but smiles I suggest you check these out they are beyond cool, great gift ideas or collection trophies for that special person. Highly recommended.

Matt Visser